Samstag, 8. Mai 2021

 The covid pandemi ...  for now I live with my +mom Claudine in Alsace, where I am having a great time !!  After the pandemi I hope to be able to go back to my mom Christiane and dad Ernst in Germany... Wishing them a Happy Motherday !!!

Dienstag, 6. Juni 2017

In Memory of Bagheera ...

Today, our sweet Bagheera would celebrate her 11th birthday
Sadly there is an empty place in our home.
Bagheera is dearly missed by all members of the family ...
Special thoughts are going out to Christiane and Marianne <3

Samstag, 20. Mai 2017

Niky and her new dog bed

Niky has been such a sweet and clever girl.  Here she is sitting pretty on her new dog bed...

Happy Easter to all of you !!

To all my friends, I wish you and your family a Happy Easter!!
Christiane, Dschoj, Giaco and Niky!

Nikita with Dschoj and Giaco in the garden.

I love my brothers,  Here we are in the garden, time to play ...
They cannot catch me, as I am soooo fast ... 

Visiting new friends at Valentine's Day.

Mom thought it was time to meet the 2 boys of aunt Marianne ... they are not only beautiful but also cute, Who they are ? Well,  they are Givy (Givenchy du Haras d'Helios) and Savy (Xaverius of Gentle Mind). .... Loot at Me!!..., a little princess with 4 handsome knights ....
The 4 musketeers and I
They are cute, aren't they ?
Black and white... :)

My new home in Germany

Begin February, my new mom Christiane came to Belgium.  I travelled to my new family in Germany, where I met my new brothers Dschoj and Giaco .

Inspection of my new world!
the little bunny... yes we love him both...

My dad and I ....

I am all after my dad , just look for yourself :)

I am Nikita !!

My official name is Song Sung Blue Orleans Jazzqueen !!  a whippet girl born in Belgium.
"Miky" Dumbriton Lord of the Dance is my dad. My mom is Song Sung Blue Inpearls "Fifi".. I am a granddaughter of "Timmy" Multi Ch. Bohem Time Flies WW06...
Link to my pedigree :

6 weeks old, and already so naughty....

Nikita - Song Sung Blue Orleans Jazzqueen
King - Song Sung Blue Orleans Jazztime
Perla - Song Sung Blue Jazzdive
Mousy - Song Sung Blue Jazzsinger